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If I were to describe my life and persona in a few words I would say: I am an enthusiastic traveller by heart, a connoisseur of excellence and a perfectionist by nature. It all comes from the 35 years I have invested in the Travel, Tourism, Airline and Hospitality Industries. A diverse portfolio you one would say! But it has indeed worked in my favour and helped me comprehend how this industry functions at its core. May I humbly add, that’s where my expertise in the field comes from and am currently managing four travel verticals and an institute – Skylark Institute of Travel to help and train young aspirants to master the industry knowledge, carve a career, and land the most sought-after jobs in available in the industry!

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It all comes from the 35 years I have invested in the Travel, Tourism, Airline and Hospitality Industries

My Mission

To help 10,000 students live a happy, prosperous and successful life with a career in Aviation & Travel Industry.

My Achievements

Participated in almost every International Aviation and Travel Fairs across the globe

Hi I am Vipan Sharma

I come from humble beginnings; I have experienced the struggle, the success, the downfall, and the rise again. It has not been a smooth ride, but one learning experience after another has brought me to the humble heights of success.

Looking at the Aviation, Tourism, & Hospitality sector, it is brimming with endless opportunities today.

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My perception of knowledge-sharing is not restricted to the students alone. I believe that not only does one impart ideas through sharing one’s expertise but also learns a lot more from the others; I call it knowledge-exchange. And therefore, I am always looking for opportunities where I can connect with any budding entrepreneurs, learning aspirants, and curious minds to help them establish and take their business to a global platform.

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