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"Thanks for becoming a part of the Leadership team for the first time and specially going by the standards that have been put in place by the previous Leadership Teams, all didn't seem lika a cakewalk for me. From ensuring that he BNI meetings be held in the best possible manner. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr Vipan sharma who left no stone unturned to ensure that every member, their spouces and the children had the fun of their lives. From making sure that we make no compromises on the place of stay, Even though that required a trip to the destination, it was done. From making sure that we bond in the best possible way, each and every member was made to dance and play games.

Vega Bakshi Gautam
Director, Pride films Production LLP

"Their professionalism has not only made the lives of the clients easy but also increased our credibility in the eyes of the client for introducing such a dependable partner. On the personal front as well, I have used the services of Air Cruise several times and every time their services have been found to be of the highest standards. Vipan's personal involvement and eye for detail in everything is truly commendable. His quality of services and promptness are really worth of appriciation and his testimonial. It is my privilege to recommend Vipan and Air Cruise wherever and whenever I can in my contact sphere.

Ritu Grover
CEO, The Global Helpdesk

"Over the years, we have taken his air ticketing services for ourselfs & others, many time.His team has consistently handled each assignment with efficiency, right from the stage of taking requirements, suggesting best solutions, to booking & delivering the tickets. Usually, it is a pleasant surprise to find web check-ins done automatically, even weeks after the actual bookings. Tough rare, any cancellations & refunds have been equally effieciently handled. We have no hisitation in recommending Vipan & his team to others, with confidence.

Sunil Sharma
Partner, Kickstart Placements

"I had the opportunity to use services of Air Cruise Travels as i got the booking done for my Mother-in-Law & Wife for Sydney Australia, Due to some emergency they had to cut their visit short & return back early, i contacted Vipan ji on a sunday morning and asked him to do the needful. Staff member who was handling my account called back in no time and all was arranged for them to fly out next day morning. I really appreciate being helped in these moments of anxiety with such ease. I not only recommend my fellow members & visitors present today to take advantage of this impeccable services and also recommend it to their nears & dears.

Achal Kumar
Commercial Photographer, BNI Pratham, Gurgaon

"My wife and I recently went on a Euro trip, and we got our travel & visa done through Vipan ji. I am very happy to admin that the seamless job he did was unlike we had ever experienced before.

Some key things which stood out for me i would like to point out-

  • A large and dedicated team which knows its work and does things timely
  • Aircruise did our Eurorail tickets & hotels transfers, all with exact precision
  • The fares we received were the cheapest and we verified this online
Mr. Sambhav Jain
CEO of Oystra Concepts Pvt. Ltd.

"I wanted to book tickets for my travel to florida and New York. It was such a wonderful Experience dealing with Vipan's team and they were very efficient. Not only did they book flights but also offered options for hotel, visa services and all. It was impressive to see the coordination between the team and timely reverts. We highly recommend Mr. Vipan Sharma to all our fellow BNI members to refer them to your contact for the corporate travel options offered by Vipan Sharma.

Mr. Sunny Sharma
Co-founder, Foetron (Mobile Applications)

"I would like to present this testimonial for excellent services rendered to me by M/s Air Cruise. I had booked a ticket for myself and my M.D. for business trip to Kuwait via Air Cruise. Upon discussion of fare, we found that their rate were at par or even lesser then that available on the net viz, Ibibo/Yatra.com. Having booked the ticket, while on return, i personally had to stay back at kuwait whereas my M.D. had to travel as scheduled. The decision was taken at the last minute and intimated to Ms. Shagun who, incredibly was on a holiday and also, being weekend was not expected to respond early, not only was i pleasantly surprised for her to respond immediately while being on a holiday, but she made sure the ticket was altered as required, co-ordinate with her associate to rebook the ticket, let me have the details by email and also followed up on the ticketing which merits highest praise.

Taral Vaidya
Director, Akar Impex Pvt. Ltd.

"Last year i referred Vipan Sharma to one of our esteemed clients SC Johnson Pvt. Ltd. For there corporate travel and tickets. Mr Sharma made sure the clients is followed at correct intervals and he succeeded in converting Sc Johnson and is now managing there travel requirements from few months. I was chatting to my point of contact in the company, and i was really happy to listen good things about Air Cruise. They are satisfied with the professional approach they follow towards work for both Pre sales and Post Sales. According to them they are available 24x7 and provide them services which the previous vendor was not abo provide. In facet after referring Air cruise, it has become a little simple to refer somebody else for the association with company, also there confidence on me has become more strong because of referring them the appropriate people. I would recommend my fellow members to refer Air cruise to there contact for corporate travel and tickets.

Dixit Gandhi
Director, Design Radiance Pvt. Ltd.